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Department of Natural Resources

Louisiana Department of Revenue

Texas Railroad Commission

Arkansas Oil & Gas Commission



Production Audit Reports for LA Department of Natural Resources
Consisting of OGP, R5D, R5T, RC, R3, and more.

Oil & Gas Severance Tax Reports for LA Department of Revenue
Consisting of O1S, O1D, O3, O5, G1S, G1D, G3, and G5.

O-2 and G-2 Certifications for LA Department of Revenue
for you to get a lower tax rate.

Annual reports to the Department of Natural Resources,
such as OR1, LATs, and SWD.

DMIR and DT1 Reports due in May and November to Office
of Conservation district offices.

R-4s - Operator's Certificate to transport oil from production
facility to DNR.

Well History, Well Completion, Work Permits, PA35, and ENG
16 forms to the Office of Conservation district offices.

As an agent to operators we assist in answering various
compliance letters.

Production reports for Texas and Arkansas are also available.

Please contact us
if you are looking for something not listed here.


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